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Pub Crawl vs. Wine Tasting

This could very well be a decision based on palette or personal preference. There are those that would prefer one over the other, some that would do either or, and those die hard ROCKSTARs that would choose wine for breakfast and end the night in the pubs. Both options leave you a bit inebriated at…
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5 Things To Know When Booking Wedding Transportation

We were honored when the editors at Bliss Celebrations Magazine reached out to our Wedding Sales Manager, Meagan Leste, to learn about our ROCKSTAR Wedding Transportation tips. There are so many clients that find the logistics of guest shuttles, party buses, limos and trolleys to be, um well, daunting to say the least.   Let’s face…
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Realistic Resolutions from a ROCKSTAR

How’s the gym going? Are you pumped and eager to hit the floor or are you already avoiding eye contact with your trainer and making excuses as to why you can eat an entire cheesecake? When it comes to New Years Resolutions this year, don’t be so hard on yourself… but most importantly, don’t set…
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