Simply put, we started this company over 25 years ago to make you feel like a ROCKSTAR.

Being named Best Limo Company in America, that’s right, the United States of America, is no small feat. A name like ROCKSTAR sets pretty big expectations. Our professional staff, both behind the wheel and behind the desk, works literally night and day to deliver on this expectation.

“It ain’t braggin if you can back it up” -Muhammad Ali

Why We Rock

    • Safety is our #1 priority
    • Literally Staffed 24/7
    • Full Time Mechanic Crew
    • $5,000,000 Liability Insurance
    • Dedicated Wedding Program
    • Chauffeur Certification Program
    • Team Training on Current Industry Trends


ROCKSTAR® Services

Unleash your inner ROCKSTAR and ride with us to experience world-class service in some pretty sick vehicles. You have to get there, you may as well turn some heads.
The spotlight is on you!

Create your own experience

Contact our ROCKSTAR Concierge to create your dream night out.


You don’t need to be prom king or queen to be treated like royalty. Roll up to the dance like a ROCKSTAR. We pride ourselves on providing responsible, safe transportation for the evening, with the same world-class luxury we’ve become known for.


ROCKSTAR® Shout Outs