Realistic Resolutions from a ROCKSTAR

How’s the gym going? Are you pumped and eager to hit the floor or are you already avoiding eye contact with your trainer and making excuses as to why you can eat an entire cheesecake? When it comes to New Years Resolutions this year, don’t be so hard on yourself… but most importantly, don’t set yourself up for failure.

Maybe this is the year to focus on baby steps and benchmarks. Give yourself smaller goals to reach in small periods of time. Have a plan for monthly goals instead of a plan for an entire year of change. Dedicating a year to a major life change seems quite ambitious, setting monthly goals are much more realistic. Besides, wouldn’t you rather celebrate 12 awesome achievements vs. only one big success (or failure whomp, whomp).

We have many goals for 2016, some of which include adding a couple of brand new show stopper vehicles, opening another office, and working with even more amazing ROCKSTARs like you. What are some of your goals for 2016?

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