Fall date night ideas!

Whether you're heading out for your very first date or have been together for years these fall activities are the perfect way to celebrate the seasonal weather!  Just because you put your bathing suits and sunscreen away doesn't mean the fun stops!

Have you heard of "Leaf peeping?" Take in all the red, yellow and orange leaves as you stroll through a park or even go on a hike that gets you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy nature!  Did  you know that exercise and exploring activates the system in your brain that releases dopamine which is a chemical that makes you feel great and exhilarated??

The traditional Pumpkin Carving: Another fun activity that activates the brain with emotional responses and the release of dopamine! Come up with a friendly/flirtatious competition like who ever creates the best pumpkin wins something!

Another traditional activity: Apple Picking! Sunlight makes you very happy so pick a day when you can explore the orchards together and help each other reach the highest bunches before you go into winter hibernation mode!

Haunted houses and corn mazes: What better way than to canoodle next to your significant other when you're scared and use those brains to work together through a challenging maze!

Have no idea what to be for Halloween? Why not go to a costume shop or Halloween store and try on wacky out of this world costumes! Let out a ton of laughter while making a fool of yourself having fun!

All these fun activities will make you feel just like a kid again and enjoy each others company this Fall!



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