ROCKSTAR LIMO and All Occasion Vehicle Decal Design Contest

ROCKSTAR LIMO and All Occasion Vehicle Decal Design Contest




Who we Are

ROCKSTAR LIMO-  We have been in business for 12 years.  We service weddings, proms, sporting events, concert trips; pretty much any special occasion you can think of.  But we do a lot of weddings, like almost 1,600 this year!  We are a fun company, we like to ROCK.  WE can get a little edgy with our marketing when it’s just us saying what we have to say.

All Occasion Transportation-  We have been in business for 26 years.  We service the corporate client not just in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, but in over 1000 cities worldwide.  We are more traditional and conservative than our sister company ROCKSTAR LIMO, but we still want to feel modern, young, fresh, and innovative.  We take people to the airport all day long, as well as to meetings, dinners, group events, corporate incentive meetings, you name it.

O2 Global-  We are the glue that holds the two different brands together.  ROCKSTAR LIMO and All Occasion are the two brands that are both O2 Global companies.  We are global.  We are young.  We are innovative.  We are exceptional in what we do.

What we Want

  • We use the same vehicles for both brands, ROCKSTAR LIMO and All Occasion.
  • As you can imagine, some of our vehicles are HUGE. We are talking Mercedes Sprinter Vans, Mini-buses, and Motorcoaches that seat 56 people.
  • And as you can imagine these HUGE vehicles are HUGE traveling billboards for us. This is where you come in.  If all we needed was to slap our logo on a vehicle, NO PROBLEM.  Even limo people can do that.  But we need our 3 logos, ROCKSTAR LIMO, O2 Global, and All Occasion to come together in some visually appealing design that reflects what I just told you about us above.
  • We need the files as vector images either saved as .ai files or high resolution pdfs.
  • We aren’t looking for full vehicle wraps, but some level of branding with our 3 names that can be scaled to fit the different size vehicles we have.
  • Couple more thoughts. We love our ROCKSTAR logo.  We love our All Occasion logo.  So don’t mess with them!  The O2 Global logo though, if you have any bright ideas, can be modified for the purposes of this project.
  • So you think you can dance?.......

What you get

Money, a free ride in a limo, and bragging rights.

  • That’s right, you can brag all you want about how you created the combined company logo for the greatest chauffeured transportation company in New England, heck probably the world.
  • As for the free ride, we will give you a complimentary night out in one of our ridiculous limos for you and your friends.
  • And as for the money, how does a cool $1,000 in cash sound?

This contest is open to anyone; graphic designers, rock stars, accountants, young people, old people, and just about any joe schmo.  Well, actually every Joe Schmo.  If you need illustrator files of our logos to help with the redesign, please email John Olinger at the email address below.

Of course, if we don’t like your submission, we reserve the right to politely tell you so, and thank you for your participation, and go along our merry way.  If we do like your submission, which by the way we need by October 21st, then we will need printer ready files delivered to us by email.  Feel free to email them straight to the President & CEO, John Olinger.  jolinger@alloccasionlimo.com, or john@rockstarlimo.net.  Your choice.  Once the winner is chosen, we will promote their fame and fortune through international press outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…

Don’t forget, the deadline is October 21st 2016.  Email John above with any questions that this exhaustive scope of work does not cover. 


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