Tips For Flying Private

Many fliers are switching from commercial to private travel these days, and thanks to USA Today you can now know the tips and tricks to flying on a private jet.jet 1

Understand parking etiquette - you can typically drive right up to the aircraft to easily load your luggage and board.  President and CEO of Desert Jet, notes however that there is certain etiquette to follow: “Set your wheels opposite the aircraft, set the car in park and set the parking brake to prevent it from rolling into the airplane.  I’ve personally witnessed, more than once, a driver exit the car and the car start rolling slowly towards the aircraft!”

Limit your luggage - many jets have luggage limits due to the size of the luggage compartment door, or weight restrictions based on how many people or how much fuel is required for the flight.

Avoid the red wine - duh.

You still need identification -Jonathan Levey of Skyjet notes you’ll still need your ID to board. A driver’s license works for domestic, and a passport for international.

Know there is one assigned seat -The only assigned seat on a private jet is that of the owner or the person paying for the trip. Guests should wait for the owner or leader of the group to choose his/her seat first.

It's courteous to tip your pilot - If you’re happy with your service, offering a tip — he’s seen anywhere from $20 to $1,000 — is a nice gesture.

Your departure time is flexible - whether you are running early or late.

It's best to book in advance - Giving the company more time to work with means more choice in aircraft, an important part of the experience.

Dress properly - Depending on the situation, either business professional/casual, or if you are flying with family/friends it can be a bit less formal but never sweatpants or gym clothes.

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Now book your next vacation so you can use these tips!

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