The Yo Soy Fiesta


  • Acrylic Football Field Lighted Ceiling with GRONK end-zone
  • Custom etched drawing of Rob Gronkowski
  • Limo styled, patriot themed, perimeter seating
  • Custom football material around halo/ceiling side panels
  • 43″ Flat screen rear TV
  • Open bar backs displaying the logo “Yo Soy Fiesta”
  • Lighted acrylic party wall – Framed in Gronkowski football jersey, number and signature
  • Bro 1-5 and Papa Gronk name on jersey design – include numbers and title “GRONK NATION”
  • Window light features/Mullions – 1/2 football design between shade walls
  • Restroom on board* (additional fee may apply)
  • Pictured dance pole has been removed due to safety and insurance liabilities
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